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Hey guys! Since more bone-chilling science was requested. I absolutely NEEDED to make this post. 

In 1940, Russian scientists released a video of a severed dog head. They were kept alive for several hours, wiggling their ears in response to sounds and even licking their mouths.

The scientists claimed they could keep the animals alive by an artificial blood circulation system.

Isn’t that intense? You can watch the full video here

In 2005, American scientists created another pack of zombie dogs. The team rapidly killed the dogs by flushing all the blood from their bodies and replacing it with oxygen- and sugar-filled saline.

Three hours later, the team gave the dogs a blood transfusion, and an electric shock.

The dogs were resurrected, and while some had permanent damage, most were no worse for wear.

This research suggested that the treatment could one day revive people who are bleeding too quickly for doctors to repair their injuries.

And in fact they can now. 

I have stumbled upon an article that say scientists can save people by draining all their blood out.

You can read more about that here

The severed head is not alive. Its reflexes are merely being stimulated by electric shocks.

No, actually the head was alive

To prove that the head was alive Soviet physician Sergei Brukhonenko, showed that it reacted to stimuli. Brukhonenko banged a hammer on the table, and the head flinched. He shone light in its eyes, and the eyes blinked. He even fed the head a piece of cheese, which promptly popped out the esophageal tube on the other end.


This is so fucked up but interesting

I think it’s horrible what they did to the dogs. Some scientists accepted his results but many scientists were skeptical even after Brukhonenko released this video. But ofcourse, no one would would want to replicate his exact experiment. 

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